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White's Metal Detector Spectra VX3


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White's Metal Detector Spectra VX3

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When technological development makes it easy to search!

Click here for Spectra VX3 Instructional Videos

The new VX3 is the second born of the SPECTRA series.
The VX3 is a new model that takes advantage of the experience gained with the top of the series but was born to ensure a profitable and easy use even for a novice seeker!
The VX3 metal detector is an extremely modern, technological, durable, powerful and relatively easy and intuitive to use.  
Its performance is excellent, almost identical  to the spectra v3i  but easier and affordable also by beginner searchers.
The White's VX3 does not have the wireless headset but it has the wireless chip, so as to be able to add it in the future.
It does not have  the double battery pack, but you can keep other spare batteries in your pocket for easy replacement
The Spectra VX3 consumes batteries in 8 or 10 hours and it is recommended to use rechargeable batteries.
All these factors make the whites VX3  the most desiderable metal detector, with an affordable price by anyone: 1124,00 € including VAT and warranty.
All this keeping  the performance and the power of these wonderful and powerful metal detectors.
Ready  for both  wire headphone and  wireless headphones.
It has 8 preset programs, developed directly from the programs of the v3i, modified according to the preferences of the seeker.
The engine of the VX3 is an ARM microprocessor-9, used in the best electronic instruments, able to handle the three frequencies and the monitor without difficulty and without any delay!
These are its main features:
3 operating frequencies that can be used either individually or together (they show the innovation of this detector and provide targeted research adaptable to any terrain),
the backlit color display 320x240 QVGA with adjustable luminous intensity clearly visible even in bright sunlight with bright colors that are a feast for the eyes and a guarantee of fun in the research.
The many advanced features enable you to change many preferences of search.
The three operating frequencies 2.5kHz, 7.5kHz, 22.5kHz were chosen for their different responses on different varieties of metal targets, with the result of providing an unbeatable system for analysis and identification targets.
All this is coupled both to a level of extreme simplicity of use for the beginner both advanced features to satisfy the expert user.
8 customizable Programs for search: Coin, Coin & Jewelry, Salt Beach, Relic, Prospecting, Deep Silver, Hi-Pro and Demo.
They can be stored on your settings.
Turn-on-and-go, is really easy to use, ready to be used  once out of the box.
Three frequencies of detection: 2.5kHz, 7.5kHz and 22.5kHz can be used individually or in conjunction, with a fantastic  preset correlation function of the signals.
Real-time control bar from which you can adjust all the functions with a simple push of a button during the search. SpectraGraph


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White's Metal Detector Spectra VX3

White's Metal Detector Spectra VX3

White's Metal Detector Spectra VX3