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White’s MX5 Mxt platform


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White’s MX5 Mxt platform

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MX5 by White's is a professional but easy to use innovative metal detector with excellent features for finding treasure, coins, militaria jewelry.

Built on White's popular MXT metal detector platform, but MX5 cost hundreds of dollars less, the MX5 has all the usable features expected of leading American manufacturers of "100% Made in America" ​​quality detectors.

Designed by whites, the only AutoTrac (land tracking) that allows you to use the MX5 not only on land but on wet sands of salt water beaches, a killer for most other detectors.

All Mode Coin purposes and Beach BEACH mode, it shows itself as very easy to use anywhere!
Showing off a large, easy-to-read display with object-type detection VDI, it shows you what the detector detects.

Notch discrimination, and feature audio tone melodies, to keep junk and waste out of research, and finding only real treasures, such as coins, jewelry, rings, gold and other valuables.

White's MX5 uses the powerful 9-inch waterproof concentric search coil ideal for finding your findings.

MX5 by White's is the perfect combination of features to satisfy even the most demanding metal detector user!

White’s Elettronica MX5 is a high-performance device for jewelery, beach relics in salt water, in fact the detector is based on the famous MXT platform, very popular but with a set of features and easy to use.

With White's MX5 you will get the same state-of-the-art state of the art automatic earth monitoring as White's calls it AutoTrac.

With AutoTrac the White's MX5 will offer jaw-dropping, and excellent depth performance in many different terrain conditions.

The White's MX5 has great characteristics to become top in its price range, but also superior fiasce.

Easy to use with 20 discriminator zones both with multi-tone audio and with visual identification of the destination of the object.

Each zone can be accepted or rejected, and provides the user with an easy way to ignore most of the common rubbish such as iron, satin and tears and tongues.


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White’s MX5 Mxt platform

White’s MX5 Mxt platform

White’s MX5 Mxt platform