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White's Metal Detector Matrix M6


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White's Matrix M6 high-performance Metal Detector

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Matrix M6 is a detector of high quality, specializes in finding coins and jewelry. Large easy to read display with marks indicating the goal and VDI numbering conductivity of metal detected . It’s a high-performance detector suitable for all kinds of ground conditions and ideal at home, in parks and yards, playgrounds, and even at the beach. It’s simple to use with three controls that have easy-set labels and still offer full-range maximum depth. Seven tones identify different targets, while the display shows target labels, VDI numbers, and depth readings. No need to even look at the digital display. Just listen to the different types of sounds, and then decide if you want to dig or not.

The ranges of sound, and various number of tones corresponding number of tones

-95 = 57Hz (low tone)
-94 - -4 = 128 Hz
-5 - 7 = 145 Hz
8-26 = 182 hertz
27-49 = 259 hertz
50 - 70 = 411 Hz
70-95 = 900 (high tone) hertz

The Matrix M6 is compatible with all the White’s accessory search coils, including the new 12 inch and 30 cm in diameter, which increases by 30% the depth of detection making it the most powerful metal detector on the market
Operating frequency 14kHz.. Made in the USA.
Aluminum housing of the electronic control unit to make it more robust against accidental impacts.
M6 is a detector of new conception, designed with simple commands and functions easy to use for everyone. It has a special electronics coupled to a coil adapted to the most mineralized soils of our territory and three complete programs of research with separate responses.

  • 7 Tone ID
  • Full Size Display
  • Frequency: 14 kHz
  • Pinpoint/All Metal Mode with practical selector under the handle
  • Turn-on-and-go Simplicity
  • All Metal Audio: Non-VCO
  • Discrimination and Sensitivity Adjustment
  • Depth reading on the display
  • Audio Output: Speaker & 1/4" Headphone
  • Batteries: 8 "AA"
  • Battery pack for up to 40 hours of research
  • Disc Audio: Threshold & Silent Search
  • Optional Coils: Eclipse Family
  • Waterproof 9.5 inches Search Coil
  • Number of Presets: 3



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White's Metal Detector Matrix M6

White's Metal Detector Matrix M6

White's Matrix M6 high-performance Metal Detector