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JEOHUNTER VLF 3D Metal Detector with universal coil


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JEOHUNTER VLF 3D Metal Detector with universal coil

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This is one of the most advanced metal detector using the latest full color 3D graphical imaging system to detect targets in real time. Jeohunter VLF 3D provides a complete analysis of the buried target before you dig, allowing  to see both the images of the object is its composition. It sees into the earth and discover the gold, jewelry and valuable metals, coins, underground caves and cavity that others have missed.
As  known, a common georadar rarely provides the measurement of the soil in real time, on the contrary the Jeohunter performs a scan of the soil in real time and immediately creates images of these detections of metals, treasures or cavities underground, directly on its computerized display using an advanced algorithm that no other metal detectors or ground penetrating radar is able to use.                         For this reason, you need not own a computer or a notebook or other devices: the jeohunter already has' everything you need !!


  • Advanced algorithm
  • Metal and cavity detection with 3D graphics
  • Real-time display of 3D images of targets
  • Real-time display of 2D images of targets
  •  Images equivalent to the GPR technology
  • Capable to save objects images
  • Shows the size and depth of detected objects
  • High precsion in the detection and recognition of metals
  • Balance and definition of soil and automatic settings
  • High digital signal resolution
  • Highly Conductive Signal
  • Perfect metal discrimination and depth analysis
  • Real-time transmission of data to the display
  • Superior technology at metal and cavity detection
  • Preventing False Alarms
  • High Accuracy in Transmitting Data to the display
  • Perfect communication and operation
  • Computerized display not requiring additional devices
  • Frendly  interface for professional and amateur users

Jeohunter has an easy settings for scanning and searching objects and soil structure, enabling the user to search comfortably even in very highly mineralized ground .
High precision and perfect metal discrimination with an extreme speed algorithm .Jeohunter compares the signals with a lot of data in memory and detects the type of metal reading spectrum processed by the algorithm .Then it sends the detection data to the graphics card displaying the three-dimensional image on the monitor .Jeohunter detects the diameter, size, and depth of the object, accurately and representing all these details in the image.
Jeohunter is capable to save the scanned objects anlysis in a internal memory, so that it can  be retrieved in the future for a more accurate vision or study, without having to use additional devices like pc or notebooks.
In the table at the side, are all interpreted the various data depth depending on the size of objects, you can see that you set the best technology and performance that no other metal detectors or geophysical system can match, and with added features unique of its kind: depth 'and the object size, the composition of the object, and three-dimensional representation of the object displayed directly on the monitor of equipment already integrated in Jeohunter.
Jeohunter is an exceptional metal detector for professional searchers .This system is the most effective choice for locating both very deep hidden objects and shallow targets. Experience the excitement of locating Gold and other treasures that were previously just beyond the reach of other technologies.


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JEOHUNTER VLF 3D Metal Detector with universal coil

JEOHUNTER VLF 3D Metal Detector with universal coil

JEOHUNTER VLF 3D Metal Detector with universal coil